TORNADO - 4.2%

Our first and most popular beer.

Brewed with pale ale malt and dark crystal malt to give a rich base onto which we paint the hops. Using an unusual combination of Pilgrim, Brewers Gold and Celia.

This gives a smooth bitterness and a hint of forest fruits.

An enjoyable session beer which leaves the drinker wanting more.


Our version of a new wave American IPA.

A clean crisp blonde ale brewed with pale Marris Otter and Munich malts which give a sweet base. American hops Crystal and dry hopped Cascade infuse the beer with taste and wonderful aroma of summer fruits and pink grapefruit which liger on the taste buds.

A refreshing aromatic ale.


 DRIFT- 3.7%

Based on a traditional west country  "home brewed" style.

A dark mild enriched with light and dark crystal which together with a sprinkle of chocolate malt gives the beer a rich full bodied flavour.

Hopped sparingly with Goldings and Crystal.

This  is a mild with plenty to interest the drinker.

GALE - 4.5%

Brewed as a seasonal autumn ale. We have used a combination of medium, dark and Munich malts to give a rich malty flavour.

This is a single hop beer utilising First Gold’s all round ability to provide the subtle bitterness & aroma.

One to ponder on damp autumn days next to the roaring fire.

 at The Volunteer Inn

 WIND’SOR - 4.5%

Our beer for the Jubilee celebrations.

Based on Double Diamond before it went down hill in the seventies.

 A traditional Pale ale brewed with Golding and Fuggle Hops.

A lot was drunk at The Volunteer and we all had a great weekend.

It may return in 2013

FLURRY - 4.2%

A golden ale which was brewed as a our spring seasonal brew.

Pale malt with a splash of dark crystal malt to give a smooth base.

Challenger hops together with Golding combined to give a traditional English taste.

As Arnie says

“I’ll  be back”

Watch this space.

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The first of new seasonal range.

A deep and rich strong ale.

 Brewed with 7 malts and complimented with spicy aromatic hops. Finally the brew is dry hoped during fermentation.

A beer to warm the bones on cold winter days


It may return in 2013


The 2nd of new seasonal range.

A pale amber ale .

 Maris otter and lager malts are the base into which aromatic hops from Australia are infused. Galaxy and Summer hops give the beer a fruity flavour with hints of apricot and melon.

A session beer to drink cheering on your favourite 6 nations rugby team.


It may return in 2013